Why collaborate with SPR?

With a team of experienced and highly-qualified research staff and field surveyors, SPR offers a comprehensive research and fieldwork support services to your research projects or study needs

Project Management

The Team works cohesively and prides of themselves in ensuring operational excellence while delivering timely and qualified services

SPR has a complement of more than 15 professionals and sub-professional researchers. It also employs a team of more than 15 interviewers and a panel of more than 100 part-time interviewers.

Staff members of SPR are professional researchers who have many years of experience in conducting statistical surveys, including designing questionnaires for gathering opinions of the general public and other stakeholders, devising sampling plan for selecting representative and unbiased samples, analyzing data systematically and professionally, and presenting findings to the public media, professionals, interest groups and policy makers.

All interviewers have ample experience in a number of household surveys, on district or territory-wide basis, involving face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews and on-site inspections. To ensure an adequate supply of field surveyors and to replace dropouts, recruitment of new panel enumerators is carried out periodically. All interviewers in the panel are given basic training in interviewing techniques and the codes of ethics for conducting surveys, in addition to subject-matter training in data collection related to the survey in question.

Key Members

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ruby Lo has a very strong background in statistics and rich experience in conducting evidence-based and evaluation research.

She conducted over 400 surveys with sound records in the past 18 years for academic institutions, government bureaux and departments, non-government organisations, quasi-government organisations and private corporations.

For the Research Team, there are two streams of work – data analysis and data processing.

Data Analysis

Ms. Queenie Lam (Statistician) has over 10 years of experience in data analysis, validation, interpretation and presentation of the collected data.

Mr. Stephen Yuen (Statistician) has over 6 years of experience in conducting public surveys. He possesses excellent analytical ability and good mathematical skill.

Data Processing

Ms. Jophy Wong (Research Officer) has over 15 years of experience in conducting public surveys. She is equipped with impeccable communication and management skill to supervise the research team.

Mr. Ben Wong (Research Officer) has over 8 years of experience in conducting public surveys. He is equipped with high level of reasoning and analytical skill and is eager to explore new ideas regarding social and cultural issues.